Skyfire browser for Android passes 2 million downloads

Skyfire browser for Android passes 2 million downloads

If you’re like most Android users, one of the first things that you’ve downloaded was the Skyfire browser. For months before Android 2.2 came out and made our devices Flash-capable, Skyfire was bringing that content to the forefront.

Apparently, according to Skyfire, the browser is so popular that it has just surpassed its 2 millionth download from the Android Market.

If you’ve not tried out Skyfire, now is a great time to give it a download. The newest version works on a load of devices such as the Droid X, Droid 2, Evo 4G and even Samsung Galaxy phones.

Beyond the obvious, though, Skyfire has a few other features that will interest you. It uses a cloud-computing frame that can reduce your data consumption, has a tabbed browsing format and the new SkyBar will give you toolbar access to great content.

Congrats to the Skyfire team. Here’s to 2 million more.

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