Hipstamatic update adds snappy new features.

Hipstamatic update adds snappy new features.

Hipstamatic for iPhone is an app that brings back the look, feel, grand beauty, and fun of plastic toy cameras from a time long, long, ago.

As a connoisseur of fine and come to find out later, not so fine, camera apps on the iPhone, Hipstamatic is by far one of the best camera apps for the iPhone.

Upon launching the app your display immediately rotates to landscape mode, with your iPhone transformed into a small toy camera.  What sets the app apart though is the variety of film, lenses, and flashes one can use and combine to make your photos really, really, slick.

Moreover, Hipstamatic, despite coming with pre-loaded lenses, films, ect… also allows one to purchase  “Hipstapaks” from within the app that contain additional lenses, films, and flashes for even more photo taking options.

Things just got even better for Hipstamatic fans with the just updated version of the app, Version 170 adds:

  • HipstaMart Print Lab – users can now order high quality prints sent straight to one’s door from within the app.
  • Tumblr Sharing of Individual Prints and Stacks.
  • Ability to disable LED flash for iPhone 4 users.
  • “Medium” print quality mode for users of iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS
  • New Mission HipstaPak, $.99, (which includes Bettie XL lens and Ina’s 1935 film)

Some photos taken with the new HipstaPak on my iPhone 4 look super neat:

A very retro, and new look from Hipstamatic to go with their already fantastic photo capturing options.  To add Tumblr sharing, print ordering, and more, Hipstamatic has cemented the place it’s captured as one of the top iPhone camera apps one can snap up.

Are you a Hipstamatic user?  If not, get hit here, and if so, is it your favorite photo app?  Why/why not?

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