Snap up Camera 360 Pro for Android and snap photos like a pro.

Snap up Camera 360 Pro for Android and snap photos like a pro.

TNW Quick Hit

Camera 360 Pro turns your Android device into into a professional camera with an impressive set of features.

Love It: One of, if not the best, camera apps for Android devices.

Hate It: Fairly expensive app. Can be buggy.

Overall: 4/5

The Details:

I will readily admit I am new to the Android scene.  I have had an Android device, for 2 months, and tested others.  iPhone 4 is still my best friend, but I do understand the appeal of Android devices and do enjoy having one.

However, one thing annoys me above all others, how do you find new, really good apps on Android (if you know please comment below)?  Like a camera app?  Our own Brad McCarty turned me on (not literally) to Retro Camera and FxCamera, but I wanted something more.  So the search began and I found what I was looking for, Camera 360 Pro ($3.99).

What a delicious camera app, not without its flaws mind you, for an Android device.

The app features:

  • “Tap to Focus.”
  • Photo selection alteration, allowing one to select of a certain area in a photo after taking it and adding features to your selection.
  • The ability to add background scenery, take photos in fish eye style, photo symmetry, Andy Warhol-style 4 color tiles, HDR simulations (Light and Heavy), and even “Ghost Mode.”
  • Zooming supported and is done using the volume rocker.
  • If your device supports it, Camera 360 Pro will take advantage of your GPS chip for Geo-tagging and the phone’s Flash for low light situations.
  • The ability to delete, save or send, and if you touch the image it shows the original image and when you release your finger it switches back to edited image.

Below are some great pictures taken with the app on an HTC Hero, courtesy of cloudplasma.  As you can see, the images taken with the app are incredible.  I’d post some of mine, but let’s face it, I am not the photography great I think I am, I simply love great photography apps.

While the app is priced at $3.99, and can crash or experience delays on occasion, I found these annoyances to be few and far between, and the price well worth it..  For me, the new Android user, Camera 360 Pro quickly captured my heart, and I suspect it will do the same once you try it.

Get Camera 360 Pro here, or by scanning below and let me know what you think of the app, other great camera options and how you find Android apps in an ever-expanding market.

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