Is This The Future Of Social Search?

Is This The Future Of Social Search?

We have been covering Cliqset for so long that it almost hard to imagine the internet without the company. Cliqset has always had impressive technology and a limited community, something that hamstrung the company’s chances of hitting it big. Twitter always had the opposite, oddly.

The company seems to have recognized that limitation, and today while rolling out an integrated search function to its users (a growing number, it needs to be said) has also built a standalone product that provides a simple compelling solution to social search. You can play with it at

In short it is an aggregated search function for Facebook, Buzz, Twitter, and Cliqset. You can mix and match which services that you want to scan, bringing together a rather complete version of what people are talking about on the fly. It is something of a marketers dream, allowing for response segmentation depending on where the message originates.

Why is this smart for Cliqset? The company is building a free tool that is dead useful; this will bring in new people to the regular Cliqset service. Or, at a bare minimum, they will have a search engine that they can monetize. Either way this is a victory for the company.

What can they do to make it better? It feels a little slow, it needs better update capabilities, and requires other small tweaks. Cliqset is all over that saying “over the coming weeks we’ll also be enhancing the service with a number of new and interest filtering features which will make the information even more valuable.” They get it.

For a first run, this is one of the most compelling social search features I have seen. To give it a test, try this term.

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