Tab Candy organization for Chrome? It’s called Tab Sugar.

Tab Candy organization for Chrome? It’s called Tab Sugar.

In the ever-going serve and volley match between browsers, there are occasionally features that really stand out. Tab Candy (or Panorama) for Firefox, developed by Aza Raskin, has taken a number of users by storm, allowing them to have numerous tabs open while still keeping them organized.

Until now, we haven’t had that option for Google’s Chrome. In view of that, I’d like to introduce you to Tab Sugar. Apparently, even Aza is impressed.

There really isn’t a lot else to say about Tab Sugar that isn’t covered in the video. It is, simply put, the best way to keep track of your content when you have multiple tabs open on regular occasion. Here are the details, from the Tab Candy page:

  • Regroup your tabs your way: create groups, resize and drag’em
  • The state of your Tab Sugar dashboard is saved automatically
  • Regroup 20+ tabs inside a unique group: they’ll stack up
  • Span out stacked-up tabs – get a quick look at a group content

Now, instead of having a browser window open for work and another for play, you can keep it in one session, but divide the content between grouped tabs. For me, this is a life saver.

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