Android users: Listen to your favorite websites with BuzzVoice

Android users: Listen to your favorite websites with BuzzVoice

Back in July, we told you about a great application called BuzzVoice that let you listen to your favorite websites. At the time, while I was really excited about the service, I was pretty bummed that it was only for iPhone.

You can think of BuzzVoice as sort of a “Pandora for news”, where you are able to pick the sites you want to listen to, and then the application will read the top stories from those sites back to you. For keeping up to speed while you’re driving, working out or even on a bumpy train ride, there’s simply not a better choice than listening.

Apparently, according to a post on the BuzzVoice website, it’s time for Android users to get happy. BuzzVoice for Android has landed into the Android Market, and we’re here to give you a first look at it

The only issue that I see is that there isn’t a free version for those who want a BuzzVoice demo before committing to the $4.99 cost. However, it is the Android market, so you have 24 hours to uninstall any application if you don’t like what it does.

The great part about BuzzVoice on Android is that we get some lovely features that are specific to our devices:

  • Background Audio Streaming: Stream BuzzVoice “in the background” while running other apps
  • A specialized Android Widget, which works like a handy “remote control” for BuzzVoice
  • A new “Android Radio” station featuring breaking news on “all things Android.”

Ready to take the plunge? You can either search for BuzzVoice in the Android market, click on this link via any Android device or here’s a QR code for those who use scanners:

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