Have you heard about the TwitWebSurf for iPad bird?

Have you heard about the TwitWebSurf for iPad bird?

TNW Quick Hit

TwitWebSurf for iPad is a scrollable, multi-paged web browser, with added Twitter functionality.

Love It: Can view 5 web pages simply by scrolling and keep up with Twitter feed as well.

Hate It: Can only use one Twitter account at a time, and icons sometimes failed to work.

Overall: 3/5

The Details:

TwitWebSurf for iPad (free) is a multi-paged web browser with capabilities optimized for the official Twitter site.

Through the app you can swipe between 5 web pages, with your bookmarks imported from those you’ve bookmarked through Google Bookmarks.

Once the app is launched, you’ll notice the following icons on the bottom of the screen:

  • TimeLine You Follow – New Tweets automatically update.
  • @Mentions to You – See them as they happen.
  • Your Own Tweets – All of your Tweets collected in a single place
  • A List You Follow – Also automatically updated
  • Retweets – Retweets of your tweets, automatically updated
  • Favorites
  • Direct messages – Automatically updated
  • Google – Surf to any WebSite, and Tweet about it! Page Title and goo.gl shortened URL automatically copy to the embedded Tweet panel

Additionally, the app provides:

  • Full functionality provided by the official Twitter site, no API bugs, inconsistencies or limitations.
  • Multi-Touch experience of Safari Browser, including Pinch Zoom in/out, Copy and Paste, etc.
  • Tweet anytime from the application’s embedded Tweet pane
  • Quote of original message automatically copies to Tweet panel along with shortened URL of the Tweet when you Reply
  • Webpage title automatically copies to Tweet panel along with shortened URL of the site when you Tweet a WebSite
  • Realtime Tab-Bar Notification (with Sound) for New @Mentions and Direct Messages
  • Easily switch between StandardMode and MobileMode of the Twitter site
  • No server-side process by the application. Your log-in information is strictly handled by only the Twitter Website and the build-in Safari browser cookie

TwitWebSurf, bad name, even worse opening screen (it frightened me), is a nice app for web browsing and Twitter management.  One warning, it can be buggy, but for a free, multi-paged, web browsing alternative with added Twitter functionality, it is worth trying and won’t cost you a dime.

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