Superhuman productivity may be possible with Text Live for iPhone.

Superhuman productivity may be possible with Text Live for iPhone.

TNW Quick Hit

Text Live is an app turns your iPhone into the ultimate multitasking tool, by allowing you to do a myriad of things while watching what’s in front of you using the iPhone’s camera.

Love It: Great for any multitasker and those who enjoy not crashing into things when walking, biking or segwaying, when using their phone.

Hate It: If used enough, will eliminate the fun that comes with watching those who crash into things when walking, biking or segwaying and using their phone.

Overall: 5/5

The Details:

I enjoy having the ability to do two things simultaneously.  Unfortunately my brain is so cluttered with thoughts of social networks, gadgets, technology and more, which makes multitasking difficult.  Thank you genetic predisposition to ADD!

Enter Text Live ($.99), an app for the iPhone that lets anyone send text messages, email, make a phone call, and even browse the internet, on the go.  Sounds akin to features any smartphone currently offers, doesn’t it? To that I say, “Nay!”

How so?  Text Live uses your iPhone’s camera to allow you to watch what’s going on in front of you, while completing the aforementioned tasks simultaneously.  Magical.

A screen shot (note: not a personal screen shot) gives you a visual example of what I have described so poorly with words.

Text Live is a grand app that anyone who wants to do two things at once most certainly can use.  At only $.99, the increase in productivity realize resulting from use of the app will more than cover the cost, making you seem superhuman.  (Neither the app’s developer, nor I, are certain you will become superhuman, so take the last sentence with a grain of salt.)

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