Add slick effects in real-time to your iPhone photos with Mobits Cam.

Add slick effects in real-time to your iPhone photos with Mobits Cam.

TNW Quick Hit

Mobits Cam is an iPhone photo app that allows you to choose different effects, in real-time, to improve your photos taken from iPhone.

Love It: Allows you take a picture with effects applied before picture is taken.

Hate It: The app does not allow you to share your photos by email, text or to a social network from within the app.

Overall: 4/5

The Details:

I really enjoy camera apps now that iPhone 4 has arrived.  With the 3G/3Gs, we won’t even discuss the first iPhone, taking pictures was nice, but the camera on both are laughable in comparison to that of iPhone 4.

With its 5-megapixel camera with built-in LED flash, advanced backside illumination sensor and front-facing camera, iPhone 4 has made taking pictures on the go much more enjoyable.  iPhone 4’s picture quality has also had the adverse effect of lightening my wallet as I continue to purchase and try new camera apps.  Curses iPhone 4 with your nice camera.

Mobits Cam, ($.99), is a great, new, camera app for the iPhone.  The app uses the iPhone’s camera, and gives those the option to choose from 9 different effects applied in real-time, before the picture is taken.

The 9 effects Mobits Cam offers are; Greyscale, Sepia, Negative, Fish Eye, Normal, Mirror, Borders, Threshold and X-Ray.

In addition, Motbits Cam features the ability to set a delay timer to take pictures, “Big Button” functionality, allowing one to take photos by pressing anywhere on the screen, and if you have an iPhone 4, Mobits Cam can apply the same effects to the front-facing camera.

Mobits Cam is one of the better camera apps I have found due to the ability to apply effects before taking a picture.  No more taking pictures and using a photo editor to then edit the photo, saving it to your camera roll, and then doing with the photo what you will.

If you are an iPhone photog, Mobits Cam is an app you will certainly want to investigate further.  Let me know how you like and if you’re so inclined, share your photos (keeping it clean).

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