Remark box. A constructive solution for website commenting.

Remark box.  A constructive solution for website commenting.

TNW Quick Hit

Remark box lets visitors leave a remark on your ideas on every page and paragraph.

Love It: Removes problems associated with commenting on a specific idea within a post, or page, allowing users to leave remarks on only a particular portion of your post.

Hate It: Could muddy up an elegantly formatted posts and/or pages if you choose incorrect code options.

Overall: 4/5

The Details:

Remark box is an application that lets you add a small amount of code to your site, allowing your site’s visitors to make small remarks on any of the ideas you express on a page, post, or other.

The primary draw of Remark box, according to the site is, “Comments are fine, but both you and your visitors can lose important facts, especially if you express elaborate ideas or have long pages to fill.”

Enter Remark box.  Simply by adding the code provided by the site, you can keep the feedback you receive from a visitor’s remarks in context, whether they leave a comment on a specific sentence, a certain paragraph, or the page as a whole.

Remark box is free for sites with 25 or less active pages, with plans ranging from $4.95 to $9.95 per month for sites with 100 active pages.

If your goal is to receive cogent feedback on the items you post, Remark box is a service you certainly should investigate further.

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