Upload multiple Facebook photos fast and for free with fCam.

Upload multiple Facebook photos fast and for free with fCam.

TNW Quick Hit

fCam (free) allows you to upload up to 6 photos at a time to your Facebook wall or a photo album.

Love It: Fast, simple, uploading of multiple pictures to Facebook.

Hate It: Must use fCam camera to take pictures and cannot tag or add captions to uploaded photos from the app.

Overall: 4/5

The Details:

fCam is the type of app for the iPhone and iPod touch I have been awaiting for quite some time.  Anyone that uploads photos to Facebook knows that it can be a cumbersome process due to the fact that you can’t quickly upload multiple photos at one time.

While there are other paid and free apps to upload multiple photos to one’s Facebook account a one time, fCam has them beat in several areas.

fCam is extremely easy to use, free, and an extremely fast way to upload up to 6 photos at a time from within the app itself.

The app also features the ability to:

  • Upload photo direct to your Facebook wall or photo album
  • Adjustable photo quality Low and High (uploading in low quality increases speed of upload)
  • Stremlined interface

There are a few features lacking.  These include; the inability to select pictures from one’s iPhone photo album, add photo descriptions, tag people, and give your uploaded album a name from within the app, are the most glaring omissions from fCam.

That said, for a free, fast method for uploading multiple photos to Facebook, fCam is a really nice option and one worth your consideration.

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