Miso arrives on Android. Get it here now!

Miso arrives on Android.  Get it here now!

A few months ago we profiled Miso, an iPhone, iPad and web application for checking into to your favorite television and movie options.  Through Miso one can add friends from Facebook and Twitter, allowing one to Tweet or post Facebook status updates with respect to what you are currently watching, as well as your comments on what others are viewing as well.

Unfortunately Miso has only been available for those with an iDevice, or through its web application.  That is until today.

Thanks to Somrat Niyogi, CEO & Founder of Bazaar Labs, creators of Miso, who gave me a preview of Miso for Android, I can now announce to all Android users everywhere,  “Miso 1.0 for Android is now available for all Miso users.”

Android users will be happy to know Miso for Android has all of your favorite features, including:

  • Browse the app to see what your friends are watching, check out their profiles, and click on posters to navigate directly to the shows they are watching.
  • Socialize and chat with your friends and other TV fans by liking and commenting on any check-in to any show.

  • See what TV shows are currently trending among all Miso users and discover new shows.

  • Use voice search, a feature exclusive to Android that makes finding your shows as easy as saying the show name!
  • Unlock badges and earns points for your all your check-ins.

  • View all your earned badges and check out hints for badges you haven’t earned.

Further, according to Mr. Niyogi, “Over the next few months, we will be focused on adding deeper experiences for people to engage with each other, get info about what their watching, and have more fun while watching TV with Miso.  We are 100% focused on delivering value to users on the Miso platform while they watch TV.”

The app is now available in the Android Market, or simply scan the QR code below.  Let us know how you like the Miso app and by all means if you are interested in what I might be watching, you can find me here.  Go Miso!

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