Feedlooks. A feed reader combining visual beauty with stunning simplicity.

Feedlooks. A feed reader combining visual beauty with stunning simplicity.

TNW Quick Hit

Feedlooks is a new feed reader with an impressive set of capabilities combined with a grand visual presentation.

Love It: Displays each article as it it appears on the actual site, including those of blogs.

Hate It: Logo and header could use some artistic flair to make the site even more visually appealing.

Overall: 4/5

The Details:

Feedlooks is a free RSS feed reader site which allows you to “Check all your favorite blogs and feeds in a simple email-like interface,” while also providing “content in full visual glory without leaving the app.”

That is one of the great features of Feedlooks, the ability to read a story as if you were actually on the feed’s site.  A welcome change from other readers such as Google Reader and Feedly.

Additional features which set Feedlooks apart from your standard feed reader include; the ability to view user comments, only new items since you last checked are shown by default, and older items can be accessed through the Archives, the ability to share your posts on hundreds of different services, “pin” posts you find important for reading at a later time, and the ability to sift through items that you may not find interesting thanks to Feedlooks’ “Interest Meter.”

The features don’t stop there however.  For publishers, the value of using Feedlooks is in bringing direct traffic to your site and therefore, letting you capitalize on advertisement opportunities.  All it takes for you, the publisher, is snagging a Feedlooks button for your site and you’re off and running.

Further, according to Artur Adib, Product Manager for Feedlooks, soon the site will offer full integration with Twitter and Facebook, as well as mobile apps (iPhone, iPad, and Android).

Feedlooks is off to a great start.  Check it out, enjoy it as I have, and familiarize yourself with its features as it grows into a more robust, cross-platform product.

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