SCVNGR iPhone app adds more fun and opportunities for freebies.

SCVNGR iPhone app adds more fun and opportunities for freebies.

For those unfamiliar with the location based app, SCVNGR is a game platform for Android devices and the iPhone, centered on a massive experiment in building a mobile game with its users.

To date, over “650+ institutions and tons more individuals are building on SCVNGR by adding fun, creative challenges to their favorite locations.”

Recently, SCVNGR partnered with 1,000 locations across the U.S. to reward SCVNGR users with free items or discounts for completing custom-designed challenges at the location’s venues.

SCVNGR’s rewards program allows businesses to reward customers with whatever they choose based on certain actions.

On the consumer side, consumers earn points for the challenges they complete.  Once a reward is complete, a tamperproof reward screen appears, allowing one to redeem their prize.

Today’s update for their iPhone app, SCVNGR 3.3, has given users the ability to create challenges for friends, family, anyone.  The caveat, one can only do this by completing a set number of challenges at a location where the user wants to create their own challenge.

Some of the other features added to SCVNGR include:

  • Photo Captions: Add some context to your photos with easy to add photo captions.
  • Favorite Places: Find the places you’re at quicker with favorite places.
  • Friend Suggestions: Finding friends has never been easier. Check out our great friend suggestions.
  • Post Check-Ins To Facebook / Twitter: Now you can post your check-ins more easily than ever! Check-in, do some challenges, share them all (if you want to).
  • Better Place Database.
  • More Rewards: More rewards coming online every day in every city!

I really enjoy SCVNGR.  Granted, Gowalla is hands down my favorite check-in service, but SCVNGR is a close second.  It combines the gaming aspects of MyTown with a nice user interface, to create an all-around, slick, app.

Are you a SCVNGR user?  Do you find the recent updates to be a welcome addition to the app?

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