Facebook Is Rolling Out Threaded Comments

Facebook Is Rolling Out Threaded Comments

Facebook is doing it one step at a time, but the company is finally upgrading its user commenting capabilities. After comments came likes, and then came likes for comments, and now rolling out to a few select users are threaded comments that are likeable.

Slowly, but surely, Facebook is making things the way they should be. You can’t be mad at them for the pace, the Facebook user base hates change more than oxygen deprivation. This is what it looks like:

We here at TNW of course take no credit or stance for, or on, the content of the image. This is yet unconfirmed by Facebook and was brought to our attention via a tip from GoRumors.

If you have seen this, please do confirm in the comments. Proof via screenshot can be sent to [email protected] When we have official word, we will let you know more.

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