Nicereply turns your email into a customer service feedback system.

Nicereply turns your email into a customer service feedback system.

TNW Quick Hit

Nicereply inserts a link at the bottom of each email, giving your customers a direct line to rate your reply.

Love It: Simplicity in use, great analysis tools.

Hate It: Honestly? Nothing.

Overall: 5/5

The Details

Customer service today takes a lot more than it ever has in the past. Smart businesses are finding ways to keep in touch with their customers and are offering direct lines of communication and feedback. Nicereply is hoping to capitalize on this trend by turning your email into a customer service feedback forum.

When you send an email, a unique link will show in the signature area. By clicking on this link, your customer will be able to rate the quality of the email interaction, essentially telling you how nice the reply was.

Companies can fully customize the landing page of the link, changing text the text and colors to match your personal taste or branding.

The true beauty behind Nicereply is in the tracking features. In the admin section you’ll find links to Ratings which give a quick view of each rating received. There are also charts that give you some great insight into history and trends:

Nicereply is set up to give a unique link for each agent of your company. Pricing, of course, varies depending on how many agents you need. There’s a 30 day free trial, which is a great way to see if the service fits your needs, then pricing starts at $19/month for 5 agents.

Overall, it’s a great service and a nice way to keep track of what happens with the emails that your company sends. It’s our first 5/5 rating here on TNW Apps, because we think that Nicereply is doing something right.

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