Firsthand Brings You Recent Tweets Wherever You Go

Firsthand Brings You Recent Tweets Wherever You Go

TNW Quick Hit:

Firsthand is a simple browser add-on that brings you recent tweets from the people and things you are reading about.

Love It: You don’t have to leave the webpage that you are on to get more information. Tweets load quickly and with little clutter.

Hate It: I wish that there were more Twitter accounts for it to find. The app does have a limited potential install base.

Overall: 4/5

The Details:

Firsthand is a browser add-on for Chrome and Firefox that brings you data from Twitter. Firsthand will scan and identify specific words or names that can be associated with a Twitter account. Once it has finished, the tool will place as a small blue Twitter icon next to these words.

It looks like this:

Of course, this add-on is only useful to the person who not only understands Twitter, but knows how to work with the data that it brings. That does limit the potential reach of the product to the Twitter using masses, but for that market it is a very useful tool.

The Twitter Media Blog itself fell all over the application saying that it was “enamored” with it. Not a bad start.

You can download an install the plugin here.

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