Android users prepare to have your minds blown with Lonely Planet’s new augmented reality Compass guide features.

Android users prepare to have your minds blown with Lonely Planet’s new augmented reality Compass ...

Lonely Planet, publisher of popular travel guides, has released embedded augmented reality features in to new, Android versions of its mobile city guide apps, overlaying place-of-interest information on pictures seen through travelers’ cellphone cameras.

Currently Lonely Planet has five Android travel guides for U.S. cities using the new augmented reality Lonely Planet features, and is now rolling out the features for half of the 50-plus main city destinations it covers.

According to the updated Android app page on the company’s site:

“Lonely Planet’s Compass guides provide expert advice and recommendations – for seasoned travellers and fledgling explorers alike.

Navigate a city like a pro with our trusted travel content and high-quality maps. Really get to the heart of a place with our unique augmented reality experience – simply use your Android’s real-time camera view to overlay a wealth of information on your surroundings.”

Through the app, Android users can:

See current location and “plot itineraries on dynamic, GPS-enabled maps.

Grab practical information and useful tips using our augmented reality camera view.

Browse hundreds of places of interest, including the best bars, clubs, restaurants and more.

Search by proximity, interest or address

Guides are available only in the Android Market on your phone, priced at $4.99 regardless of country, with Lonely Planet partnering with Wikitude app developer Mobilizy, in a revenue-sharing agreement.

The iPhone versions of city guides do not have the augmented reality features, start your fist pumping now Android fans.  However, Lonely Planet will release $2.99 Android versions of the phrasebooks already available on iPhone.

Have you tried Lonely Planet’s Compass guides?  Are the augmented reality features currently available to you and what do you think of them?

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