American Airlines Releases Useful iPhone App

American Airlines Releases Useful iPhone App

American Airlines (AA) this morning released its well done and useful iPhone app, that along with standard air travel app features, includes some nice extra features.

In addition to the standard flight status, checking, e-boarding pass and fare search, the AA app also includes a nicely done parking reminder function, which lets you take a picture of your parking spot so you remember where you left your car on those long trips (of course you could do this with your iPhone camera anyway, but it’s handy anyway):

Other features (from the app description) include:

  • Enter your login & password only once: saving your info allows the app to push your upcoming flight details to your home screen, automatically
  • Monitor your place on the standby list
  • Track your Elite Status progress [i.e. award points]
  • Use GPS to locate the nearest American Airlines serviced airport
  • View terminal maps
  • Play Sudoku

According to a few of the reviews of the app so far, apparently the flight notifications through the app are very fast (faster than other third-party apps according to one reviewer), and in 12 reviews it is averaging 4.5 stars (as we said, it just came out this morning), so so far it seems that the AA app is a solid addition the growing selection of airline specific apps.

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