Travel Interpreter is good, but still far from great.

Travel Interpreter is good, but still far from great.

TNW Quick Hit

Travel Interpreter give you easy communication in 24 languages.

Love It: Well organized topics. Great language support.

Hate It: Missing a lot of common phrases/questions. Pricey.

Overall: 3/5

The Details

When you’re traveling, one of the hardest things to overcome is a language barrier. Travel Interpreter from Jourist is looking to lend a hand, and a voice.

Organized into “Topics”, you’ll find phrases that cover the basics all the way through sightseeing.

While the app is on the right track, the good parts are a bit overshadowed. First off, $10 for an application is getting hefty. If you’re selling a $10 application it needs to be stellar. While Travel Interpreter has the right idea, it’s not quite stellar yet.

The missing phrases are what really come to mind first. Simple communications that should be obvious are overlooked in favor of more in depth phrases. It’s a pretty glaring oversight for an application that is more about communication than translation.

While Travel Interpreter is on the right track, it still needs some work. For now, it’s still worth a download if you’re going to be traveling abroad and need a wide variety of languages.

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