Pulse News Mini for iPhone update lets you check the pulse of others.

Pulse News Mini for iPhone update lets you check the pulse of others.

The Pulse iPad app, created by Alphonso Labs and more specifically, two Stanford graduate students, is one of my favorite RSS readers.  Imagine my joy when Pulse News Mini was released for the iPhone and suddenly I had one of my favorite RSS readers available to me right on my “faulty” iPhone 4.

Today brings even more excitement from the team at Alphonso Labs with the release of an updated version of Pulse News Mini.

The team at Alphonso Labs is so excited about the updates that they say this on their blog, “Although biased, I think the Pulse update will make you want to get an iPhone 4! All the elements in the app were resized to support Retina Display. It looks yummy, trust me!”

Yummy?  Guess I will have to trust what they say.

So what’s new?

Pulse News Mini will now work on all iOS versions, including v3.1.3.

BUMP it – Discover what your fellow Pulse friend is reading by “bump”ing it. This feature is available in the “heart” icon on the main screen. This feature is also useful for people who own both the iPad and iPhone versions. You can now transfer news sources between the two devices by just “bump”ing it.

Twitter Authentication – Pulse now uses OAuth, so when Twitter does transfer the authentication later this month, your share functionality will not be an issue.

Grand updates to say the least.  I have updated Pulse News Mini, but have yet to “bump” with anyone yet.  Can’t wait to do so.  Hopefully my “bump” buddy will be open to the notion and not force me to chase them down, hand outstretched, with my iPhone 4, yelling, “please let me bump your Pulse.”

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