Mobile database management gets easy and expensive with FileMaker Go.

Mobile database management gets easy and expensive with FileMaker Go.

TNW Quick Hit

FileMaker Go is an app which allows one to access FileMaker Pro information anywhere from an iPad or iPhone.

Love it: Great for product and event management and business travelers.

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Hate it: Both the iPad app ($39.99) and iPhone app ($19.99) are expensive and will price out many unless both apps are crucial to one’s business.

Overall: 4/5

The Details:

FileMaker, an Apple-owned subsidiary, is database software which assists groups in getting tasks completed faster.   FileMaker Pro works on both Windows and Mac, with companion websites also availalbe.

With FileMaker Go, now FileMaker Pro’s desktop and web capabilities have been made available for the iPad and iPhone, allowing one to view, edit and search FileMaker Pro records on the go.

The ability to check inventory, manage event registration on-site, or update the status of a project when traveling, makes the FileMaker Go for iPhone and iPad apps something that anyone using FileMaker should examine.  If one’s company is generous, both also make for great business expenses.

Unfortunately for the rest of us working stiffs, the total price for both apps, $60, is hard to swallow and will not be something most are in a position to purchase.

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