Bitter much? Hide your exes with Ex-blocker.

Bitter much? Hide your exes with Ex-blocker.

TNW Quick Hit

What it is: Ex-blocker lets you hide your exes across Twitter, Facebook and others.

Love It: It does what it says. Deadly simple.

Hate It: Firefox and Chrome only, for now.

Overall: 4/5

The Details

Ex-blocker is a plugin for Firefox and Chrome that will let you enter the name of your significant ex-other and then block you from seeing their updates on Twitter, Facebook or their blog.

While it’s probably a better option to live and let live, those former hookups or two-year stands always seem to pop up at just the wrong times.  In avoiding those uncomfortable confrontations, Ex-blocker is a stroke of genius.

It’s worthy to note that Ex-blocker is also handy for blocking former in-laws, ex-roommates or even nosy people that you don’t like who tend to follow you anyway.

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