Let it snow app suggestions with Flurry AppCircle.

Let it snow app suggestions with Flurry AppCircle.

Analytics company Flurry, (yes, that Flurry, who succeeded in “pissing” off Apple CEO Steve Jobs by violating Apple’s privacy policies)  has released an innovative solution for app developers looking to generate additional revenue for their creations.

Known as AppCircle, the product can be used by developers to advertise their app within the apps of others, or by developers to obtain a referral fee when consumers of their app(s) download a recommended app.

Publishers earn 60 percent of the price promoters pay for each app download, fluctuating based on a bidding system, currently between $1.25 and $1.50. Developers who use both aspects of the service receive credit which is then reinvested into promoting their own applications.

Available for use on applications for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, “AppCircle introduces a relevant app to the right user at the right time, across a network of participating applications. The service was designed to solve discovery, drive new user acquisition and increase revenue for application developers”.

While similar to Apple’s Genius feature, differences exist.  The Genius feature is a separate tab which must be accessed by the user to open it.  The Flurry alternative can recommend apps within apps they already use. Further, Genius takes into consideration apps that have been downloaded by the user, but may no longer be used.

According to the Flurry, more than 450 companies already use AppCircle on the iPhone, with an Android version due out in August.

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