PocketPhilanthropist looks to warm your iPhone-loving heart

PocketPhilanthropist looks to warm your iPhone-loving heart

You have an iPhone, perhaps even the new iPhone 4, and are the envy of many who do not, or draw the ire of anti-Apple individuals.  How does one calm the hatred of others, ease one’s own hurt feelings and give to those in need? PocketPhilanthropist.

PocketPhilanthropist is a free app, with accompanying website, which allows everyone with an iPhone or iPod touch, the opportunity to give to those in need, or donate to a worthy cause.

PocketPhilanthropist will have a featured charity each week, whose mission is outlined for philanthropic iPhone owners in a story about the charity.  That means when one makes a donation who the donation goes to and how it will be used is laid it in plain terms.

PocketPhilanthropist offers its users the following:

  • Discover and support a new non-profit organization once per week or according to your own schedule.
  • “Donate” button allows you to make charitable contributions as little as $1 to the weekly featured charity with the touch of a finger. But no other obligations.
  • “Share” allows you to quickly email info to others via your address book.
  • “MyPocket” allows you to view your donation history, email yourself a copy, or update your profile/credit card

The app currently accepts donations through both Visa and Matercard, with all donations incurring a small credit card processing fee and a 10% admin fee. According to the developers, the fees assessed will be used to improve the app, develop it for other platforms and increase the philanthropic reach of the organization.

Many philanthropic apps exist in the App Store, but few provide such a rich experience while deftly targeting the growing micro-donation market quite like PocketPhilanthropist.

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