WeReward comes to Android. Because robots need love too.

WeReward comes to Android.  Because robots need love too.

WeReward, an app that pays a user that checks-in to locations or perform real world tasks has announced the launch of an Android version of their iPhone app.

With WeReward, all one has to do is visit a businesses, follow the instructions once the app is launched and when complete, a point is earned.

Each point is worth a penny, most visits to a location result in a user receiving five points, and when one reaches the $10 threshold your reward is realized through payment via PayPal.

WeReward ties in to those social media networks most used at present, including Twitter, Facebook and the aforementioned Foursquare, with the app aimed at getting customers into businesses, and post their experience at the business through their social network(s) of choice.

To begin receiving your rewards with WeReward, download the free Android app, sign in, authenticate your identity through your Twitter, Facebook or Foursquare account. Next, visit a business on the WeRewards list, take a picture of yourself at the business with your phone to check-in, and claim your reward. Each submission is geo-tagged and time stamped, allowing the company to verify the authenticity of your check-in.

It’s a fun, good service that affords one the opportunity to literally cash in (pun intended) by checking in, in lieu of cheesy badges and gimmicky pins.

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