Mobspot for Facebook lets you go social with your iPhone apps.

Mobspot for Facebook lets you go social with your iPhone apps.

It’s often said that the best advertisement is word of mouth, and I’m pretty sure that’s as true of a statement as you’ll ever find.  But when it comes to choosing applications, we’re often awash in a sea of fake reviews and utter crap.

Mobspot for Facebook is looking to change that.

Mobspot has been around for a bit, allowing you to discover apps across various phones.  However, the Facebook application is iPhone specific.

Mobspot for Facebook is an application that takes your iPhone and iPad application choices into the social realm.  It will securely connect to your iTunes library, and allow you to rate your applications.  Then, you can find out what apps your friends like, rate and review applications outside of the App Store and even share your favorite apps with your friends right inside Facebook.

Of course, the whole deal of Mobspot is that it needs a network in order to get off the ground, so the guys at Mobspot are asking you to invite your friends in order to make it better.

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