Did Quora Leave Private Beta A Day Early?

Did Quora Leave Private Beta A Day Early?

This is what you get for trusting exclusives and the traditional media. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Quora, the hot stealthy question and answer service is to leave private beta tomorrow.

The only problem is that it Quora’s door are open right now. On the website registration is now open and free to the public. That may be a mistake, but it is the current situation. If you want to use Quora and have been long denied an invite, head on over and get an account right now.

Perhaps the most interesting element of the full Quora roll out is the prominence and power of its home page. A large search box with rapid suggestions helps guide you to questions and topics that match your search term to help you learn. It feels faster, more robust, and more useful than at any other point in the time that I tested the service. It feels ready.

It could be that Quora is opening the doors to get some fresh faces and content in the door before the big day tomorrow.

Whatever is happening at Quora, expect corporate announcements tomorrow as it officially leaves private beta. For the uninitiated, is Quora worth the wait? It is by far the most compelling question and answer service online, but that could largely be due to the strength of its initial users.

We’ll bring you more tomorrow as it happens.

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