No escaping them now…Vuvuzela apps arrive on iPhone and Android.

No escaping them now…Vuvuzela apps arrive on iPhone and Android.

Ever wanted to annoy the life out of your friends and family, yet lacked the meter-long plastic trumpet to do it?

Your time has come.

In the excitement of the World Cup, the vuvuzela has come to the forefront as the team to beat, all on its own.  Why miss out on all of the excitement of the world’s biggest football match, just because you have to watch it on your television?

For the iPHone, you can pick up the aptly named iVuvuzela application, or the Vuvuzela World Cup app.  Personally, I have to go for the 2nd one, because it blows the horn when you blow into the microphone, for hours of realistic enjoyment.

Anrdoid folks?  You’re not left out of the fun.  Open up the Android Market and search for Vuvuzela or Virtual Vuvuzela.  According to the Metro site, Virtual Vuvuzela will let you use the country color of your choice, and has “far and away the best vuvuzela noise”.

While the world has gone a bit nuts with the anti-vuvuzela movement, I’m proposing the opposite.  I believe, with easy access to vuvuzela love, we should begin using them even more often, perhaps every time something good happens.

Package you’ve been expecting?  Blow the horn!

Daughter gets married?  Blow the horn!

You get the idea…

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