Spotify Launches in the Netherlands. Offers New Price Plans.

Spotify Launches in the Netherlands. Offers New Price Plans.

The Dutchies are going to love this.

Spotify, a service I have learned to love and appreciate as much as my massive CD collection of old, has today officially launched in the Netherlands.

Dutchies, you couldn’t have got your hands on it at a better time, it’s stacked full of awesome music, comes with “social” built in and you can now import your previous music collection from iTunes too.

Of course if you’re willing to pay the premium subscription you also get  unlimited music without ads, Spotify on your mobile, offline mode for playlists and the ability take your music abroad. Priceless.

Those of you outside of the Netherlands will notice price plans have changed slightly for the better. As Paid Content notes:

  • Spotify Unlimited: £4.99pm/ for no-ads music, but no mobile access, no offline or MP3 play and no higher-bitrate quality.
  • Spotify Open: Free, with ads, no invite required, but no mobile, no offline or MP3 play, no higher-quality and limited to 20 hours a month.
  • The £9.99 Spotify Premium package remains, giving mobile access and higher-fidelity music, while Spotify Free also remains but still requires an invite (Spotify is still struggling to manage bandwidth if it opens up to everyone entirely).

If you’re in NL, swap the above figures into Euros and get started here.

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