Rumor: Cloud based iTunes coming June 7th.

Rumor: Cloud based iTunes coming June 7th.

First, Apple buys Lala, then Apple closes Lala.  This move left tongues wagging about the idea of cloud-based streaming.  Then, with some of the more in depth feature reveals for iPhone OS 4, it got the tech geeks in a brainstorm.

Wired is reporting that the rumor mill might not be so far off base.  Here’s why iTunes in the Cloud makes a lot of sense:

  • Current owners of older devices would have a blazingly good reason to want to upgrade.  Hello more sales?
  • Apple has owned Lala for nearly 6 months.  That’s plenty of time for the company to integrate it into a more viable format than just on-demand streaming.

For now, we’ll wait and see.  Of course Apple won’t comment, because it’s all speculation for now.  But the WWDC is just around the corner, and June 7th is set to be a big day whether iTunes is on Cloud 9 or not.

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