Shutl offers near instant delivery of online & in-store purchases

Shutl offers near instant delivery of online & in-store purchases

According to Royal Mail, over 50% of shoppers cite delivery as a reason for abandoning their shopping cart when making a purchase online.

A new service pitched at last week’s The Next Web Conference PayPal X Startup Rally that aims to deliver online and in-store purchases in as little as 90 minutes from the point of purchase. Shutl utilises a system that aggregates capacity across local courier companies into a single web-service that retailers can use to revolutionise delivery.

Delivering 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Shutl gives shoppers flexibility as to when they receive their purchases. Shoppers can choose whether they want a 90 minutes delivery (“Shutl Now”) or to be delivered within a 1 hour delivery window of their choice (“Shutl Later”).

UK-based Shutl has already made some inroads into the fashion industry, partnering with trendy London fashion boutique Start. In just one month, Shutl has enabled “the world’s fastest fashion delivery”, completed in just 28 minutes from online purchase.

A point-of-sale solution has also been developed that has been incorporated by UK wine retailer Laithwaites in their flagship store. The technology can be scaled for businesses of all sizes to offer industry leading delivery service to in-store customers whilst giving Shutl access to the 85% of purchases made offline.

Online shoppers get to keep an eye on the delivery process too. Shutl has developed a GPS tracking facility in partnership with Bing Maps that allows shoppers to track their deliveries in real-time via Shutl’s website. The feature goes live on 24th May.

Smaller retailers will be able to take advantage of Shutl’s pioneering service by incorporating official software modules into their e-commerce stores and shops, allowing customers to choose Shutl delivery options when making a purchase. Alternative addons are also developed by third parties who take advantage of the companies developer initiative.

Watch an interview with Shutl CEO Tom Allason, as part of our Silicon Roundabout series, here.

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