Buildor Pro brings the power of Dreamweaver to the cloud


BuildorBuildor, the service that allows users to edit live web pages right from within the browser window, is today launching its Pro service that aims to be a ‘Dreamweaver in the cloud’.

While Buildor’s existing service is aimed at users with little or no web design experience (see our previous coverage here), Buildor Pro is hoping to attract professional web developers who want a fast and efficient way to make changes to a page’s design, or create new designs from scratch.

All sites begin with the creation of the HTML and CSS elements that make up a page. It’s here that Buildor Pro steps in. The service allows you to open any element of a page (or an entire site) and tinker away to your heart’s content. Beyond just editing existing designs, you can start completely new projects and manage your CSS files as you go.

Beyond mouse-driven editing, BuildorPro also features a code editor for working with raw HTML and CSS as well as a debug tool. It’s a robust set of tools and one that could really help Buildor make its mark as a startup.

The Next Web 2010

Buildor is the work of a two-man, UK-based team comprising CTO Bart Milner, who previously launched the web version of The New Statesman (the UK’s first online magazine); and CEO James Law, formerly Digital Director at News International. Law was responsible for bringing The Times and The Sun newspapers online for the first time.

Cloud-based image editing services like Aviary have proved a popular alternative to Photoshop for many tasks and BuildorPro’s solution to web page design may equally strike a chord with digital creatives looking for a more lightweight way to work.

For an example of the app’s power, watch the vdeo below to see how easily the tool redesigns the Facebook homepage.

BuildorPro – compatible with any site using html/css from james law on Vimeo.

Buildor Pro

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