Lifeyo: “The People’s Website Builder”

Lifeyo: “The People’s Website Builder”

Lifeyo, a new startup company based out of NewPort Beach California and who recently launched at SXWX actually has a mission in life, to create “The People’s Website Builder”, and so far they are doing quite a job.

Lifeyo is mostly targeted towards casual internet users, and people just starting out on the web. They provide a simple way for anyone (even a 6 year old boy) to easily create a good looking and functional website.

They employ their own drag and drop UI which helps users easily create their own website without having to edit or write a single line of code. Veteran web developers can also appreciate Lifeyo because of their simple functionality, but also the fact that Lifeyo does allow you to import your own CSS and further customize your website. If you are not a coder, you may have to wait a while for customizable templates to be released, where you could pick your own color scheme and design.

Lifeyo is currently running on a freemium platform, but does plan to release a pro version in the near future. One of the current premium features that Lifeyo offers now is the option to use your own domain instead of a sub domain from Lifeyo. They have discussed the possibility of an SDK using their drag and drop functionality, but it’s still on the drawing board.

Whether you are a veteran web developer or just starting out on the web, Lifeyo is a great option for easily creating and maintaining your own website. If a 6 year old boy can blog using Lifeyo, then im pretty sure that everyone else can too.

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