Meet Buzzzy – The Buzz Search Engine

Meet Buzzzy – The Buzz Search Engine

Google Buzz did not have a smooth launch. To the contrary, despite its red-hot hype, the product has struggled through privacy and user interface intrusion complaints from day one.

Still, through all of that, the service is growing. Now with many of the privacy holes patched, the ship appears to be stabilizing itself.  As the service heats up, we all need a good way to parse what is coming out of Buzz. Enter Buzzzy.

Buzzzy is the best Buzz search engine that I have happened across so far. It combines strong filtering capabilities with a clean and simple presentation of results to make us almost want to call it the Google of Buzz search.

Why is Buzzzy so useful? Whatever you search for in Buzz, Buzzzy breaks it down by language, time, source, and media type. Want to see only items shared from FriendFeed that contain an image? Done. Only those from today? Done again.

The site is not as fast as we might like, but its capabilities make up for it. Buzzzy is the best package out there.

Of course, Buzz is still a tadpole compared to any other major social network, but with Buzz This buttons cropping up all over the internet and people slowly warming to Buzz in their inbox, the service is bound to grow up in the coming months. More content means more needed searches.

Of course, many will prefer to use what Google offers to search Buzz, but if you want to get a clear global look at what is going on,  Buzzzy is a great place to start.

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