Seesmic + Plugins: The Possibilities Are Endless.

Seesmic + Plugins: The Possibilities Are Endless.

A new Seesmic app is coming and this could potentially distance the company from the likes of Tweetdeck. With the introduction of a plugin architecture, Seesmic will become the facilitator for your perfect social media experience, so long as someone has built a plugin for it.

The new app, which will be let loose on developers in “2 to 4 weeks” is a brand new build using Silverlight 4. You don’t need to worry about the ‘back end’ – it just means the app can work on more platforms than ever before, including the Windows 7 Phone.

The plugins and the plugin directory are where Seesmic starts to innovate away from other social media apps..

Not content with adding in other social networks to their existing apps, this new release will allow every user to individually tailor their social media experiences by adding and removing the elements they like and dislike.

If I wanted to include mapping data, I could add the bing maps facility which would open any geocoded tweet with an interactive map.

For me, I want a Twitter app that allows me to grab links and bookmark them for future reference. So, I could use the new Seesmic app and add in a Delicious or Read it Later plugin, once someone has built it.

Like any social media experience, the new Seesmic will only be as good as the people that contribute to them, so it will be important to get a wide range of plugins as soon as possible. Loic suggests at least 400 developers have signed up to the new SDK which is the first step to developing plugins.

A decent plugin directory is also going to be crucially important, the Seesmic team are working on directory which will enable descriptions, downloads, reviews and ratings. No further news on that just yet.

So, we won’t be seeing anything for a while but this could be an awesome app. As one would expect, other Twitter apps are making noises of ‘big changes’ coming so time will tell if Seesmic has a unique proposition in the market. From where we’re sitting today, the plugin possibilities could propel Seesmic to become your personal social media portal, moving away from just a Twitter + app.

Images kindly taken from Seesmic blog.

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