99Designs Launches A $99 Logo Design Service

99Designs Launches A $99 Logo Design Service
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If you’re involved in a small business and haven’t heard of 99designs, boy have you been missing out.

The company, spun out of Sitepoint, crowdsources the design process giving small business owners and individuals a mass of options when looking for a new design for their new site, brochure, poster, logo etc..

Not as great for designers as it is companies, the site offers essentially rock bottom prices for pretty reasonable work.

The “client” submits details information about what they’re looking for, transfers funds into 99designs who then holds onto the cash while designers send in hundreds of potential ideas. Once the client has picked his favorite, usually after a number of tweaks, the money is transferred to the designer and they both go their separate ways.

Today, the company has launched a service that gives business owners the opportunity to create their own logo for just $99. Yes, $99. It’s cheap but there’s a catch. You’re buying “off the shelf” logo’s here, one of 4000, not customized or personalized versions of the logo. Buying the logo for $99 will also give other small businesses the opportunity to buy the logo for the same price, meaning that you might very well see a similar logo to your own elsewhere, awkward.

To buy a logo and have it be exclusively yours, it will set you back $298 bucks. Either way, you can still have the logo changed to accommodate your name. More info here.

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