LoKast – your handy disposable social network

LoKast – your handy disposable social network

LoKast is a very cool new iPhone app that mixes social networks with entertainment and physical proximity.

The app uses some secret sauce to enable anyone within 300 feet using the app to see what you share, without the need for a 3G network. This bespoke functionality means you can share content with a friend right next to you without any need for wires, bluetooth or bumping .

But this isn’t a straight file sharing function, the Lokast app allows you to create your own portal visible to others around you, a social network that lasts as long as you are in the room.

So, I am at a conference today – I can set up my own personal profile to include music, movies and web links which reflect my personality, or promote my business. Anyone else with this app within 300 feet can see my personal portal and I can see theirs. So, whilst we are in proximity we have a social network. This is much cooler than  tweeting to see who is in the room.

Now, if we extend this proximity sharing to a band or club owner you could be receiving cool music from your favourite band as they perform on stage. You can then hook up with others and share that content. Bands including Boxer Rebellion, The Ruse, Bazaar Royale, BlackMahal and Katia have all signed up to distribute featured and exclusive music and music videos to their audiences at live performances.

I personally think this is a cool app. From a personal perspective I can ‘broadcast’ a representation of my interests and seek content from others. In time, there will be an opportunity to run multiple ‘profiles’ which will allow me to have a ‘work’ profile which I can fill with content and web links whilst my ‘personal’ profile can include music and movie clips.

This type of app is really a blank canvas.  The opportunity it presents for both personal enjoyment and more ‘corporate’ promotions are strong. It’s in the app store right now.

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