YourNextDrink – Indexing the Alcoholic Web

YourNextDrink – Indexing the Alcoholic Web

Talk about practical! Here’s a search engine to bookmark for the weekend, YourNextDrink, the search engine for alcoholic drink recipes.

The site is useful for much more than searching drink recipes, in fact I had to open 18 tabs just to explore it! Here are some of the additional features:

*The YourNextDrink iPhone App

*A bookstore of bartending guides

*A way to search by type of glass

*Your virtual online liquor cabinet

*A ‘design your own drink’ page

*Spy shows what others are doing

*A newsletter you can sign up for

Here are two drinks you might want to try:

The Classic Absinthe Drip

Dissolve 1 lump sugar, using a French drip spoon, and fill glass with cold water

2 Ounces Distilled Water

1 1/2 oz. Absinthe

1 Piece Sugar Cube

Glass type: Old Fashioned Glass

The Moranguito

First you put the absinthe, then put tequila, then put the Grenadine syrup.

1/5 Grenadine

2/5 Jose Cuervo® Tequila

2/5 Absinthe

Glass type Shot Glass

Now, please explore YourNextDrink and then list your favorite drink in the comments

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