Has Google Buzz Just Arrived For Google Apps (For Your Domain)?

Has Google Buzz Just Arrived For Google Apps (For Your Domain)?

Google Buzz initially launched to much fanfare but sadly the excitement has faded as issues over privacy, organisation and filtering have arisen.

Google have corrected many of the privacy concerns, other features we lie in wait for.

One of the most anticipated feature releases is Buzz for Google Apps, Google’s corporate webmail and PIM service.

Today it appears Google is rolling Buzz out to selected users. Not available on the fullemail client just yet, some users (including myself) now have Buzz available on the mobile version of Buzz. This is similar to the roll out of Buzz in Gmail, which saw it available on the iPhone before Gmail.com. We can expect to see Buzz arrive in Google Apps email inboxes very soon.

The URL of Google Buzz for your domain on your mobile http://m.google.com/app/buzz/a/YOURDOMAIN.com, on a standard browser (after a few tries) we believe you should find buzz appear at http://google.com/buzz/a/YOURDOMAIN.com. Although at the moment that redirects to a page not found url.

Strangely enough, although I can “buzz” away on my iPhone, I can’t seem to find my account via my standard gmail.com buzz account. I’ve even tried following myself but no luck, I’m well and truly hidden.

This evening, at 7pm PST Time, we’ll see Google make a major announcement. Whether this has something to do with it is possible but unlikely. We’ve been reliably informed Google has bigger news in store.

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