Extension.fm, the must have music add-on for Chrome

Extension.fm, the must have music add-on for Chrome

If you’re an obsessive music fan then Extension.fm might just be the add-on that convinces you to finally shift over to Google Chrome.  It identifies all the music that you browse through on the net and then tracks them all in a player directly in your browser.

Dan Kantor, who was also behind Streampad (the nifty little extension that allows Tumblr bloggers to create their own radio station on their site) has gone one step further with Extension.fm and made the entire Internet a playable jukebox.

As you go through the daily ritual of checking out what’s new on Stereogum, Gorilla Vs Bear and the like, Extension.fm just sits there quietly and instantaneously notifying you of the tracks it finds.  You can choose to play them in the background as you read the articles or open up the full player which is very iTunes-esque and works in just the same way.  You can also go back and visit old tracks at any point by filtering on the blog, artist or albums and it scrobbles all your plays to Last.fm.

It’s similar to what Playdar is aiming to achieve with universal music access but focused just on web pages.  For that reason it’s a lot easier to run for the average user.  It also bears some similarity to the new Twones Music Bar which was featured recently but without the social elements.  However what it lacks in shareability it makes up for with simplicity – no effort is required to find and manage your music.

Extension.fm a brilliant add-on that is currently in private beta testing but seems to be relatively stable and pretty fast right now.  Currently on Chrome only, there are plans for a Firefox version at some point in the future but you can see the video and request an invitation here: http://www.extension.fm.

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