Are Netflix planning a Super App?

Are Netflix planning a Super App?

Netflix have long been rumoured to be looking at apps but the management have stated an app is not their priority. However, it seems it may be back on the table with a little question posed in the latest Netflix customer survey.

The question asked if their customers would like to see streaming movies on their iPhone without ads, and with the ability to pause, forward and rewind a film that loads in under 30 seconds on a wifi connection.

Now, the important bit about this question is not that they are asking their customers ‘would they like an app’ but the lengths in which they went to in the description. To me this question sounded more like, ‘this is what we are working on, does that sound good?’ As my speculation grows, this could be precursor to launching something really big, otherwise why ask such a detailed question? Even to create such a question means someone has thought long and hard about this app.

So, whilst Netflix continue to deny app development, we will continue to speculate what it could be, and drool.

Props to Hacking Netflix for spotting the question.

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