Dik and the Legend of the Green Fairy

Dik and the Legend of the Green Fairy

abgreenfairySo you’ve never heard of Dik and the Legend of the Green Fairy? Well, I’m not surprised seeing as I just made it up.

This post is about the video search engine Yubby. Yubby is from the Netherlands, where it goes by the name Dik, as in “Win een t-shirt
Win met je Dik kanaal een I love Dik t-shirt! Het enige wat je hiervoor hoeft te doen is je eigen of favoriete kanaal op te geven op het forum.”
(I have no idea what that means.)

As a video search engine, Yubby lets you search 30 different video sites, the most recent ones being Hulu, TV.com, 5min, Flickr, and Streetfire.net. Sorry, there are no “I love Yubby” t-shirts. Today Yubby / Dik announced their newest feature, URL search.

Here is a very brief one minute video from Remco Bron which explains this new feature:

Yubby.com introduces URL search from Remco Bron on Vimeo.

So what about Dik and the legend? Click through to the next page and enjoy a fabulous 6 minute video about the Legend of the Green Fairy, it’s very well done because it’s also a commercial, but what can you do?

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