The Ovi Store Is Now 100% Live On The N900

The Ovi Store Is Now 100% Live On The N900

Owners of the N900 rejoice, you just got a special treat today: the Ovi store is now live for you to use.

The store is now fully integrated into the N900, bringing a slurry of new apps and games to the device. It may not have the same amount of content as the iPhone, but it’s a big step in the right direction.

The store loads when the icon is selected, which brings the user to an interface designed for the N900, where all the applications are held. Fast and slick, this makes the N900 just one step better as a phone. Some already consider it better than the iPhone, if you did not know.

Applications that are in the store include the Qik and TuneWiki, among others. Again, we all know that this application store contains fewer applications than the iPhone and android equivalents. However, it seems to be on near parity in terms of quantity and quality to the Palm Pre app store.

What does this mean? That it is foolish to break the world into two flavors: Android and iPhone. Like hell, says Nokia, look at our Ovi. Oh, that just sounds dirty.

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