Evernote Updates Its Already Impressive Android App

Evernote Updates Its Already Impressive Android App

evernote_logoEvernote users on the Android have for some time had to settle with accessing their account through a pixelpipe app that was never as perfect as having the real thing. The official release before Christmas, and this latest update offers Evernote users a bespoke solution to access and store their notes on Android ‘phones.

The new app is a nice clean addition to the growing Evernote stable of apps, with direct access to creating a snapshot, text or audio note as well as the ability to upload a file. This uploading file option shares the same icon as the ‘Camera Roll’ function on the iPhone but allows direct access to all files on the Android ‘phone for uploading. This feature could be very handy for management of different files whilst on the road.

Android Evernote The ability to access stored notes is offered via the search function allowing keyword search and retrieval of your required notes. Where this function does not work, and where the Android version has a major disadvantage to the iPhone, is that none of these notes are stored locally. So if you happen to be without internet connection, which is admittedly rare these days, then the retrieval function will be of no use.

The keyword search function also only works if you can remember the content of the note and or have tagged the note correctly. With the iPhone app one can easily browse the notes and categories (even offline) to find the note, which will be harder to achieve on the Android App.

Overall, it is great to have an official Evernote app on the Android platform and I hope there is not too much delay before we can start synchronizing content. Until then, I would suggest this is a handy interface to the Evernote servers but not a fully blown app.

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