Twitalyzer Releases Version 2 Of Their Popular Twitter Statistics Application – You Will Use This

Twitalyzer Releases Version 2 Of Their Popular Twitter Statistics Application – You Will Use This ...

twit logoGiven that we are all narcissistic hacks on Twitter, applications that tell us how great we are make us all get warm twixt the legs.

Twitalyzer, makers of Twitter ego-boosting software have just released the new version of their software package, and while it still has some rendering problems on Chrome, it is on par with Klout and TweetStats in terms of usability, features, and ego cock-tease.

Twitalyzer, in the new version provides you with a plethora of information: how much you tweet, when, how often you get retweeted, etc. Here, take a look at my dashboard on the site, it will give you more than a fair primer:

Click on the image for a full size render.

As you can see, every details of your Twitter experience is sliced and diced and warmed on Rye. Twitter has never been so statful. Each area can be selected and graphed over time. For example, this is my “clout” rating, or “is the relative likelihood that an individual’s Twitter username will appear when searched for in Twitter:”


The service, especially in its newest version is feature rich, and fun. If you are familiar with the application, Twitalyzer has put together an amazing 50 page book on how to use the software, which you can find here. If you still have a question after all that, you can ping them on Twitter here.

Twitalyzer is pushing what can be done with Twitter data, and we all get to enjoy that. I would definitely check them out if you use Twitter on a daily basis.

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