Thoora Wants To Be The Techmeme Of Everything – Will Pull It Off

Thoora Wants To Be The Techmeme Of Everything – Will Pull It Off

thoora logoYou have probably already heard of Thoora, if you payed any attention to the TechCrunch50. I was there, and I recall Thoora being quite impressive.

Memory serves, Thoora might change the way that you get and monitor news.

There are too many aggregators out there. Thoora is much more than an agglomeration tool; it uses machine learning to track what is popular, and what is being said about it, everywhere on the internet. It is by far the best news collection tool that I have ever used.

Let’s take a look at the 4G story, something that I found by digging into the technology section of Thoora. It does not just link out to the story, it does this:


Amazing, no? We have the story rank, a total overview, an overview from a blog or news perspective, total tweets per hour, total comments, aggregate number of news and blog posts, stats, recent tweets, and related stories.  Anything and everything about the story is right there, no extra hunting needed.

As a news-fanatic, that is as close to news-porn that I have ever seen. Thoora takes the concept of getting the story right, to a whole new level, and drops any bit of curation bias. I asked Thoora for a quick overview, and they told me this:

“News junkies and general news consumers do not have a way of identifying the news coverage, blog commentary and real time reaction in twitter that is most popular in real time on one story, until now.

Thoora provides users the ability to quickly discover the news stories that people are talking about the most right now and also find the most interesting contributions on the Internet related to that story. We bring users the big picture by being the only service getting the whole story – tearing down the silos of traditional news, blog posts and tweets.

The daily volume of news articles, blog posts, tweets and comments is overwhelming. The Thoora technology platform is the first in the world to index all facets of news and cluster them through machine learning techniques to identify all the relevant sources and discussions about each individual news story.  News is now a real-time experience and Thoora is able to deliver that real time view for each story all on one page as the news evolves.”

Thoora is a brilliant product, if you do not need to track breaking news to the second. The company was founded in 2008, and has 17 employees, according to Crunchbase. They have also received 4.1 million dollars in seed funding.

However, even with funding and a great product, Thoora has yet to find its audience. According to Compete, Thoora reached less than ten thousand unique users in the last month. The company left private beta some two months ago. That should change in time, Thoora has built something that we should all try, and most of us should use.

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