FB.me: Facebook’s new URL Shortener

FB.me: Facebook’s new URL Shortener

fbmeJust when you thought the web couldn’t possibly fit any more, a new URL shortener is on the loose, this time however, it actually makes some sense.

Inside Facebook have spotted Facebook automatically shortening URLs down to FB.me for Facebook’s mobile interface.

Unlike the hundreds of other URL shortening services out there, this one is should be welcomed. With over 350 million users and the obvious twitterification of the service, a URL shortener built into Facebook (potentially with analytics for businesses) is a useful new feature.

Facebook automatically shortens its URLs into random letters and numbers, you yourself can manually do so for pages by simply replacing “facebook.com” with FB.me. eg. Facebook.com/thenextweb, to fb.me/thenextweb.

Although somewhat popular, they’ve yet to take off on twitter but surely that’s just a matter of time, potentially the more pages begin to connect to Twitter.

Despite bit.ly being the most popular URL shortener by some margin, it shouldn’t be surprising to see FB.me surpass it one day, assuming of course Facebook does decide to full integrate it into the network.

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