HootSuite iPhone app released = Twitter stats on the go

HootSuite iPhone app released = Twitter stats on the go

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HootSuite’s iPhone application is now available in the iPhone app store (link here). The app, a long awaited and oft requested addition from devoted HootSuite users, allows multi-Twitter account management with tweet scheduling and statistics on the go coupled with automatic syncing to your HootSuite account.

HootSuite iPhone App Analytics
HootSuite Tweet Stream

The app quickly set up each of my ‘tabs’ as with the web interface and a handy feature is the ability to swipe columns, which is great if you manage multiple accounts or just want a simple and quick way to flick between between multiple Twitter Lists. Setting up scheduled tweets is as simple as with the web version, represented by a calendar icon on the New Tweet page allowing you to select both the date and time for the tweet to go out.

Of course the main feature loved by HootsSuite users are it’s integrated statistics and these are justly represented with their own tab in the iPhone application. Stats can be viewed by account and by tweet with clicks being broken down by day and it also includes line charts for the more visual among us. You can also access in the analytic feature the HootSuite user ratings, a Digg-like voting system where users who click on a link can vote it up or down in the ow.ly bar.

On the whole, whilst Tweetie may have an edge on the sheer polish of it’s iPhone app, HootSuite have put together a great application loaded with features that I believe will stand out among the abundance of Twitter applications in the App Store.

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