Hide That Weekend From Mom – Facebook Is Rolling Out Granular Privacy Controls Now

Hide That Weekend From Mom – Facebook Is Rolling Out Granular Privacy Controls Now

facebook-logo (1)All the party people under thirty raise your hand and be counted: Facebook has just made our life better.

If you use Facebook, starting today (Facebook is starting the roll out now), you will have granular  privacy controls for things that you share on the website.

Finally, that means that there is a simple way to keep your life as private as you need. Boss wants to be friends? Sure, just block them from everything but three photos of you holding your cute Aunt’s cat.

To sum it succinctly, Facebook states: “This feature will enable people to easily select a privacy setting for every post they make at the time they create it. For example, a person may want to share some posts with everyone, such as her opinion on a new movie. Other times, that same person may want to share more personal updates like her new phone number or a photo of her children with a narrower community, such as her Friends or members of Friend Lists she has created. By making selections in a drop-down menu, users can easily tailor their posts to specified audiences.”

Now that Facebook has more than 350 million users, this sort of control is long overdue. Also, note that any content you choose to make open to “everyone” is searchable.

Finally, recall that regional networks are on the way out. We all knew that they were worthless, but it had been fun to mark your hometown by joining that network. No longer, those networks are moving out.

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